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We are a leading Manufacturer & Exporter of Head Shop such as Smoking Pipes, Colour Changing Pipe Double, Colour Changing Pipe Twisted, Colour Changing Pipe Fancy, Colour Changing Pipe Sherly Sherlock, Glass Hammer & Bubbler and many more items from India.

Item Code: CGDP-81

Double glass pipe,outside smoking pipe,colour changing pipe.

Item Code: NO-2

Colour changing pipe double pipe cgdp-38 to cgdp-65

Item Code: NO-03

Colour changing pipe double CGDP-66 To CGDP-93

Item Code: NO-04

Colour changing pipe twisted CGTP-01 To CGTP-27

Item Code: NO-05

Colour changing pipe twisted CGTP-28 TO CGTP-38 & Colour bat pipe CBAT-01 TO CBAT-12.

Item Code: NO-6

Colour changing pipe fancy CGFP-01 TO CGFP-28

Item Code: NO-07

Colour changing pipe fancy CGFP-29 TO CGFP-41 & Peanuts pipe CGPN-01 TO CGPN-13

Item Code: NO-09

Colour changing pipe sherly sherlock CGSH-01 TO CGSH-23 & Figure colour pipe FICP-01 TO FICP-10.

Item Code: NO-10

Glass hammer & bubbler hammer down CGHD-01 TO CGHD-15 & bubbler CGBD-01 TO CGBD-11

Item Code: NO-8

Colour changing pipe inside out CCIO-01 TO CCIO-38

Item Code: NO-11

Glass hammer up CGHU-01 TO CGHU-16

Glass bubbler up CGBU-01 to CGBU-11

Item Code: NO-13

Glass water pipe with slide colour changing CGWP-01 TO CGWP-28

Item Code: NO-14

Glass colour changing molecule water pipe

Item Code: NO-15

Glass water pipe CGWP-57 TO CGWP-67
Available in size : 12",14",16",18",20"

Item Code: NO-17

Plain glass water pipe PGWP-01 TO PGWP-37

Item Code: NO-18

Plain glass water pipe PGWP-43 TOPGWP-66
Printed glass water pipe PRWP-01 to PRWP-04

Item Code: NO-19

Plain glass water pipe big size PGWP-67 TO PGWP-89 ::::: Engraved glass ENGR-01 TO ENGR-03.

Item Code: NO-20

Plain glass water pipe bro-silicate glass PGWP-90 TO PGWP-102

Item Code: NO-21

Glass & metal bottle convetor pipe BCP-01 TO BCP-39

Item Code: NO-22

Wood grinder & metal grinder GR-01 TO GR-26

Item Code: NO-25

Metal pipe ALP-49 TO ALP70 & acrylic smoking pipe ACP-01 to ACP-18.

Item Code: NO-27

Brass smoking pipe BRP-48 TO BRP-83

Item Code: NO-28

Metal + acrylic pipe MSP-01 TO MSP-40

Item Code: NO-29

Metal + acrylic pipe MSP-41 TO MSP-61
Metal stone pipe MSTP-01 to MSTP11

Item Code: NO-30

Metal key chain pipe KCP-01 TO KCP-32         
Metal pipe MSP-69 TO MSP-89

Item Code: NO-34

Wood + brass pipe WP-01 TO WP-62

Item Code: NO-35

Wood pipe WP-63 TO WP-110 wood hukkah & pipes

Item Code: NO-36

Stone pipe STP-01 TO STP-88 88 stone flat pipe & stone pipe

Item Code: NO-37

Clay chillum STC-01 STC-61
Chillum stick CSTC-01 TO CSTC-03
Mixing ball MB-01 TO MB-05
Chillum bag CB-01 TO CB-06
Figure stone pipe FGSP-01 SGSP-04

Item Code: NO-38

Acrylic water pipe AWP-01 TO AWP-38 all mix color rasta 6" to 12" all size available

Item Code: NO-39

Acrylic water pipe AWP-39 TO AWP-57 all mix colour

Item Code: NO-40

Acrylic water pipe AWP-58 to 75 big size

Item Code: NO-41

Acrylic water pipe multi chamber water pipe amcw01 to AMCW-06
Soft glass water pipe SGWP-01 TO SGWP-15
NWP-01 NWP-03

Item Code: NO-42

Metal water pipe MWP-01 TO MWP-16
Mamboo water pipe BWP-01 to BWP-07

Item Code: NO-48

Wood collection IHS-01 TO IHS-09
Fancy collection IHF-01 TO IHF-06
Wooden collection IHW-01 TO IHW-25

Item Code: NO-54

Stash box wood & aluminum & stone STB-01 TO STB-96

Item Code: NO-55

Leather bag, coin purse, belt, wrist band

Item Code: NO-56

Oil burners OB-01 TO OB-50 & perfume oils

Item Code: NO-57

Brass + wood hukka HK-01 TO HK-42

Item Code: NO-58

Brass & glass Hookah & veporizers

Item Code: NO-59

Scales & bidi & pipe cleaner & suiffers

Item Code: NO-61

Stone spare parts & aluminum spare parts

Item Code: NO-62

Paper filter tips & rolling mat & rolling machine & rizla rolling paper & screen & spoone

Item Code: NO-63

Alumunium ashtray & glass marble colour water pipe & slide & stone ashtray

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